Looking for storage space? ACE is the best choice of storage facility.

Who use ACE’s safekeeping storage?
People who…

Need temporal storage for reason of house moving.
Need long term storage for reason of oversea business trip, seasonal house goods and extension work of their house.
Both short and long term storage are available.
ACE will offer “ALL IN ONE” service (wrapping, packing, shipping, safekeeping) and deliver to you on the proposed date and provide arrangement service of furniture. No Stress of moving! ACE will do it all for you!

●Visiting estimation and contract (Not charged)
●Packing and wrapping service in ACE’s high quality packing box and wrapping materials
●Documentation of house goods list and a written contract
●Secured and suitable storage space (short term/ long term)
●Delivery on proposed date and address
●Arrangement and installation of furniture
●Signature of Confirmation at the end of your move and disposal of used packing and wrapping materials.
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